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Fast Growing

Congratulations to Tiber River Naturals, the second fastest growing company in Manitoba. Congratulations to Neovation Learning Solutions, the third fastest…
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I subscribe to The Heretic. It is authored by Pascal Finette, a member of the Singularity University team. Last week…
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Quality Work Or Quality Service?

Both. Quality work means the work must be correct. Your car needs to be repaired. Your tax return needs to…
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Web Portal – Keeping Information Secure

Did you know emailing documents with addresses, social insurance numbers or banking information is a premium object for abuse? Emails…
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Avoiding Bankruptcy

Do you have a friend, partner, associate or acquaintance who is feeling the financial woes or struggling financially?  Trying to…
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Income Splitting Is Still Available

For 2018, the Federal Government of Canada implemented new tax on split income (TOSI) rules to target the splitting of…
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Commitment Model

From 1994 to 2009 two business professors at Stanford University, California, gathered data on start-up technology companies.  James Baron and…
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Know Know Know

Have you ever noticed after you buy a new car how many people have the same kind of car?  Have…
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Faster Deduction Available for Business Assets

There was great news for businesses in the federal government’s Fall Economic Statement.  The government announced the “Accelerated Investment Incentive”,…
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What is a Consumer Proposal?

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada.  We thought you might like to know what keeps our Insolvency Team busy…
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Key Performance Indicators

To monitor how we’re doing, we track Key Performance Indicators – KPIs.  You should, too. KPIs are the operational and…
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Canada: a Country of Real Wealth

I spent most of July in Minaki, Ontario, on the water. That part of our country is beautiful! The air…
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