We are a Full Service accounting firm.

We provide many accounting services including:

  • Accounting
  • Audits
  • Review Engagement
  • Compliance
  • Corporate, Estate & Personal Tax Returns
  • Merger, Acquisition & Corporate Reorganizations
  • Comprehensive Taxation Planning
  • Assurance
  • GST Consulting

Here’s a short list of our services.

  • financial statements:  Review, Audit, and Compilation statements for year end
  • tax returns:  corporate, estate, trust, and personal
  • tax planning:  explore strategies including family trusts, succession and estate planning to minimize taxes
  • merger, acquisition and corporate reorganizations:  structure transactions for buying / selling / reorganizing a business the most tax effective way
  • GST and PST consulting:  design systems to minimize risks in an audit, and support you if you do get an audit

Want to know more? Contact us at 204-942-0300.


Audits. Dreaded audits. But wait a minute – they can be one of the best tools you opt for in your company. An audit can:

  • analyze controls and processes
  • provide assurance to banks, funders, and management
  • expose vulnerabilities
  • identify cost savings and efficiency potentials
  • reduce the risk of fraud

It’ll be our pleasure to tailor an audit to your organization’s unique needs. We want to help take you to greater success. Call us at 204-942-0300.


The intermediate level of assurance – through the use of enquiry, analytical procedures and discussion, we report that the financial statements are, in all material respects, in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.


The lowest level of assurance – these financial statements are “plausible” in the circumstances.

Corporate, Estate and Personal Tax Returns

We provide tax compliance services including preparing tax returns for corporations, individuals, estates and trusts. We also deal with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency with respect to information, reassessments or audits.

Comprehensive Taxation Planning

We have tax specialists who advise individuals and owner-managed businesses concerning strategies that minimize taxes, including:

  • identifying all deductions and reserves allowable
  • maximizing the small business deduction
  • accessing your capital gains deduction
  • implementing family trusts and incorporating professionals to split income
  • success planning to minimize taxes when you transfer ownership of your business
  • estate planning to minimize tax in your estate on and after death

Merger, Acquisition and Corporate Reorganizations

There are many tax implications affecting buying, selling or reorganizing a business. We structure the transaction in the most tax effective way.

GST Consulting

We determine how GST applies to your business. This includes identifying goods and services that are not taxable for GST purposes, maximizing input tax credits, and designing your accounting system to minimize the risks associated in a GST audit.


Assurance services include the preparation of year-end financial statements, interim financial statements and pro-forma financial statements. The year-end financial statements can be prepared based on three separate levels of assurance. The level of assurance requested is the determining factor on the amount of work done by the chartered accounting firm.

The lowest level of assurance is a Compliance.

These financial statements are “plausible” in the circumstances.

The second level of assurance is a Review Engagement.

Through the use of enquiry, analytical procedures and discussion, we report that the financial statements are, in all material respects, in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The highest level of assurance is the Audit.

Through the use of generally accepted auditing standards we report that the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the company, the results of its operations and cash flows in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

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