Open for Business

Date: Feb 3, 2016
By: Joel Lazer, FCPA, FCA, CIRP

A short while ago our partner group went on a retreat.  We rented a big house and spent a few days together planning Lazer Grant’s future.  I always come back from these trips energized.  I have good partners; these retreats remind me of that.

One of the things we decided is to make sure everyone we deal with – everyone we know – knows that we are open for business.  As retired partner Allan Grant loved to say, “Business is great and we’re looking for more!”

We need more business. We need it so we can help our people to grow and to succeed.  When we help our people, we help our clients to succeed, too.  And when we help our clients, we help our people.  It’s circular, and we want to keep that in motion.

We help our clients by:

  1. saving them taxes;
  2. providing timely and reliable financial information, monthly and annually;
  3. developing key performance indicators;
  4. developing tax plans, both personal and corporate;
  5. developing strategic plans;
  6. assisting with CRA audits and disputes;
  7. assisting in the acquisition of businesses, either in the same industry for growth or in a different industry for diversification;
  8. planning and negotiating the divestiture of a business; and
  9. relieving the stress of too much debt, for businesses and for individuals.

I’m pretty sure that as my partners and our team read this, they’ll be thinking, “But what about…?”

We have skilled and committed team members who are only too eager to put their passions and talents at your disposal.  Let us know how we can help you or someone you know to succeed.  You’ll be helping us to succeed.  And so on …

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