Personal Retreats – Thanks, Walt

Date: Oct 8, 2015
By: Joel Lazer, FCPA, FCA, CIRP

It’s been a long time since I wrote about personal retreats. Click the links to read my previous articles:  A Personal Retreat (2000); Personal Retreats – A First-Hand Experience (2000); Personal Retreats (2001); Personal Retreats (2005)

TEC speaker Walt Sutton introduced me to personal retreats.  I did my first one in 2000.  It seems long ago and, yet, not so long ago.  At that time I had 2 business partners — today 6 — and we were in different premises.  I had 2 daughters and a son (still do), none of whom had met their spouses yet.  I had no grandchildren — today I have 5.  My wife Faye was still working — she has been retired 9 years now.  Those are some of the physical differences.  The mental differences are also considerable.  I am happier, more relaxed and more fulfilled than at any other time in my life.  Perfect?  No.  Better?  Oh, yes.

Writing down what I would like to do, writing down an analysis of a particular situation – these bring clarity, and things happen.  As if, if you build it, they will come.  So, if you write it, it will happen.  Most of what I have written has come to pass.  And that is most gratifying.

I am going on my 16th consecutive personal retreat this Grey Cup weekend.  I have my notes from the previous 15 and will review them all.  I will struggle with what more I would like to do before I die.  I will also struggle with what the next step is.  What I know is, the struggles are well worth the effort.  Each time, the retreat has been a game changer for me and for those around me.  Thanks, Walt.

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