Business is Great!

Date: Apr 19, 2017
By: Joel Lazer, FCPA, FCA, CIRP

“Business is great and we’re looking for more.”  My now retired partner, Allan Grant, used to say this often and with a little gleam in his eye.  Business is good and we are still looking for more.  We need more business and here’s why:

  1. To assist our clients to grow, as we discover more and new opportunities, we can make more connections for our existing clients. Helping them helps us, and it feels great.
  2. To assist our team members to grow, we need to find new and challenging opportunities for them. That will help them to grow and to keep them engaged.
  3. When we find new clients, it is more interesting, challenging and fun for us.

How about you?  Is business great?  Are you looking for more?  If you answered No to either question, what is your plan?  If you have no plan, when will you make one?  If you have a plan, how is the implementation going?

Perhaps we can help.  It can be as simple as chatting for a few hours or as involved as pulling your whole team together to figure it out.  We’re here to assist – and the first meeting is on us.

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