A Pre-Invitation

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If you have a friend or relative with a disability or are passionate in that area, keep reading.

On June 8th as part of Lazer Grant’s 35th anniversary celebration/tribute, we will be bringing to Winnipeg Mr. David Lepofsky, Canada’s leading disability rights advocate.  We will host a breakfast that morning and a reception in the evening.

Mr. Lepofsky is a lawyer, retired from the Ministry of the Attorney General.  His achievements and awards are too numerous to mention here.  What I know about him is, he is an engaging speaker, passionate about his topic, and full of wisdom which he is happy to share.  I have introduced him to clients and associates, all with positive results.  I urge you to join us at either event.  You won’t be disappointed. You may even find yourself inspired.

The invitation with more details will be sent at a later date.  Space is limited, so if you want to ensure your spot, please reply to this post or cborges@lazergrant.ca.

To learn more about David Lepofsky, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Lepofsky


Upcoming events

May 17: Shining Brighter Together Women’s Event – hosted by Lazer Grant
Jun 8: Breakfast with David Lepofsky, one of Canada’s most influential disabilities advocates
Jun 8: Reception with David Lepofsky
Sept 14: Lazer Grant 35th Anniversary Reception