Surviving the Information Age

Date: Jan 3, 2010
By: Hayley Hodgson, CMA

Information systems are the backbone of today’s business environment. Every business needs to know where they are and how they are doing. Every business has an information system; some are elaborate and sophisticated, while others are simple and basic. To survive, you need the information.   Several key components require consideration:

  • Is your system easy to maneuver and navigate for anyone, even if they are not trained accountants?
  • Can your system store appropriate information about not only finances but also important data like customer preferences, budgets, job profits, inventory levels, sales orders, departmental profits, top selling widgets, best referral sources, to name a few?
  • Do the benefits of your system outweigh the investment cost of the technology? Are there efficiency gains in data processing? Does the information harvested justify the investment?
  • Can your system contribute to improvements of your business with meaningful, timely reports that indicate what’s working in your business and what needs improving?

You are entitled to have what you need from your information system, and we can help you get it. Our owner-managed business training services are designed specifically to do this. We’ll help you to capture the right information, to extract it, and then, most importantly, to interpret it. The ability to do this will result in a more efficiently run and successful business. Our services range from one-to-one consulting to private group training, and we also offer public training seminars.

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