Qualities of a Great Employer

Date: Feb 27, 2019
By: admin

A great employer begins with a leader – someone who motivates, inspires, influences, directs, teaches and listens.  They’re also knowledgeable, compassionate, trustworthy, approachable, smart, humble and creative.  They have integrity and are self-confident to be able to give credit when and where it’s due.  I believe that well describes the Lazer Grant partners.

A great employer has a great mission, too.  Part of ours is to help our clients and our people grow.

Everyone who works here is encouraged to “step out of the box”.  We are allowed to make decisions based on knowledge gathered from experience and common sense.  We are given every opportunity to attend professional development events of our choosing.  We are supported to maintain a good work/life balance.  When life’s battles come your way, we are treated with compassion.  If something doesn’t work the way it is expected, we are encouraged to look at the facts and the process rather than condemned or told it’s our fault.

Lazer Grant LLP has been my work home for 24 years come this May.  During this time I have been a proud benefactor and beneficiary of our mission.  It’s a great place to work.

Looking for a great place to work or know someone who is?  Contact our Tracy Koster, Human Resources Department,  We are always looking for great people.

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