Joel Lazer, FCPA, FCA, CIRPHR, Leadership

Lisa McElroy made a mistake.  Lisa is an associate professor of law at an American university. You may have heard of her.  She sent a link to her class.  The link was supposed to be to a site about writing legal briefs.  But what she sent was a link to a porn site.  She endured great humiliation and her dignity suffered.  There was an outcry in the media, on social media, to her employer, from the student body, and from strangers.  Here is how she ended an article she wrote for The Washington Post.  “Here’s what I have learned:  Losing your dignity is not like losing your virginity (and, yes, I understand the loaded nature of those words).  You can go back.  You can reimagine yourself, and your reputation, and your professional image.  You can come to realize that there are worse things than humiliation.  There is cancer.  There is isolation.  And there is the willingness – even the desire – to bring others down to lift yourself up.”

I thought, Good for her!  And she is right.