Tax Season Is Coming

Date: Feb 19, 2019
By: Joel Lazer, FCPA, FCA, CIRP

It is February 19th today and the country is in the middle of winter. It’s been very cold here and there have been numerous weather events across the country.

The end of February is the deadline for companies and agencies, etc., to issue T4s, remuneration paid, and T5s, investment income paid.  And that means tax season is coming – that time of the year when we report to Canada Revenue Agency; when we see if we owe or if we can expect a refund.  Gathering all the information to file the return can be cumbersome, especially if we delay and wait until the last minute.  Making sure all the information is there makes the preparation of your tax return more efficient, decreases the chance for errors and the necessity for submitting adjustments.

To make the process easier for our clients we send them a tax organizer. This year we are sending one to you, click here to download. We hope it will help you to get what you need so the preparation of your return can go as smoothly as possible.  Please feel free to pass it on to anyone who might find it useful.


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