Don’t Pay the Ransom

Date: Sep 9, 2015
By: Joel Lazer, FCPA, FCA, CIRP

Ransomware.  The name is self-explanatory.  It can render your computer system unusable.  It gains access to your system and encrypts your files, then requires a substantial payment for you to regain access.  And for the software to access your system, all it needs is for you to open an innocuous looking attachment in an email.

The Globe and Mail suggests that over 800,000 systems worldwide have been infected.  One of our IT experts, Jonatan Aisicovich, tells us that over tens of millions of dollars were extorted in ransom in 2013-2014 alone.

Here at Lazer Grant, if we can’t access our network, we’re done.  Shut down.  On my system at home, it would be a major inconvenience but not catastrophic.  Would we – or I – be tempted to pay the ransom?  Not with Jonatan on our team.  Jonatan is an IT enterprise architect with a particular fondness for security.

Recently a client’s system was infected.  Jonatan was able to get them up and running within a short period of time and without significant disruption.  Now he is assisting the client’s IT team, to ensure that their network is adequately secure.  He will likely audit their processes to look for efficiencies in IT, customer services and business processes.  The client told us, “They wanted $52,000 to give us our system back.  Jonatan quickly assessed the situation and got us up and running.  He is brilliant!”

Jonatan’s services are just one more service we make available to our clients to assist them in growing their businesses.  We invite you to contact him directly [204-957-8202,] or me [204-977-3500,].  We would be only too delighted to help.

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